Thursday, November 11, 2010

It is the way you speak, regardless of intention

The first thing that I learned when I embarked my journey in private corporate world is that... it is how you convey your communications that matter.. regardless of whatever motion or intention behind it.

1) In a meeting, always talk out loud like in karaoke room. Yell if you can. The louder you are, the chances that we have to carry more burden afterward will be lots slimmer. Plus loudness correlates with how 'big' responsibilities you shouldering..

2) When delegating works to your subordinates, especially the harder one (those that will cause nightmare) just tell them "I really want you to take up the challenge, prove yourself.."wtf!!)

3)When you forgotten to tell an important news to your staff when you suppose to, just said that you have emailed it!! It is not my fault you did not get it!!

4) Do not ever...ever, no matter what, to believe when a person (or your boss) says.."you can alwiz get back to me when you have problems.." Never!! 99% chances that you will be asked to refer to Mr ABC or Miss DEF, thus making you looks so incapable in the company...:(

5) Go back later than your boss. You will be surprise .. "you are not alone..."

6) Begin every sentence with "I actually think.. instead of we think, and "My concern is.. instead of our concern is.."

7) Whatever your boss says..(even he believes the moon is bigger than the sun) alwiz say.."wow.. true, true...I also think so...)No one on earth likes ppl that oppose ..

Will share with you more and more...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Loving your job

Tonight is a great night, it's great simply because I had a chance to meet up few friends, and it's mid-autumn night. Where mooncake festival always associated with family gathering together, we tried something different, by gathering ourselves in a not so well-known cafe. (didn't bring my camera, but the whole night they only served us..for total of RM26.40!!)

We chatted how times flew away, and like usual, what and where we are heading to. We own the same profession, trained in the same institution, shared the same peers but as time goes by, we are drifted apart, flown to own destiny and creating our own niche and future. Some married, some just broke off, while me still remaining loyal (hehe.. she is the best gift ever ma..).

Our main topic is how we love our job (but got bored)... how we enjoy (but got fed up) we treasure our job (but wanted to leave).. Confused? We are even more. You see, our job is sort of like our destiny. We never have to seek for job once graduated, leave alone to write job application or interviews. We never got to choose our boss or where we wanted to work. We never have to ask for how much to be paid. Forget about experience, our CGPA, our social skills, or whether we understand English or not, we are paid the same. Equal. And we will got promoted, regardless of our performance.

Sounds easy yet dull? (can make a guess what we are?) Because of such a 'do-not-have-to-think' career we have, how can we not love it, yet not got bored?
I found that most of us in dilemma. A part of our inner voice told us.."U r stupid if leave..coz what you want finally in your life? An easy life and securing career...and why seek elsewhere when you are having now?" While another part of our inner voice screaming.."U r stupid if you stay..when you die, can you recall what have you done in your life..nothing".

Studies shown, most...(of course with exception) workers will get aroused (or excited) for the first 6 months of work, followed by a feel of calm for the next 2 years and finally will get bored when reaching the 3rd year. If he or she seeks another job, the cycle will come again. Come and go, come and go...pop!! we are at retirement age. Hai, as the saying goes.."human got how many 10 years?"

How many ten years do we have?

I am not suggesting to change your job frequently, in fact i am not suggesting anything. Just ask yourselves how much do you love your job? Perhaps, just follow your guts, cause we never know where we will end up. And no matter where, remember, no regret!!

To my friends out there, no matter where we end up, 5 years down the road, we shall gather again..haha. Maybe try other cafe. :) Happy mooncake festival...

Happy mooncake festival...!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Rabbit and Tortoise Race

Eargerly wanted to upgrade my life, and frustratingly wanted to change my status quo, I read quite a number of self motivating books these few days. Robert's RDPD, Donald's HTBR, Stanley's MND are fews to name. Interestingly, 'get rich books' are dominating 'self-improving' section in every bookstore nowadays. Not surprising, who doesn't willing to die for money? If you say you don't think money is that important, just try go out (anywhere) and purposely leave your purse behind. Feel insecure? Feel your mind keep flashing something bad will happen? Worst, feel itchy all over your body? I do. That is the power of money..especially in this millenium.

Cut the story short, we all know we want to get rich, and there is no any definition of how rich is rich and how rich is enough. And we want it fast. (That is why the only shop you find people queing up even before it is open, is a 4D or Toto shop)

I don't want to be rich only when i am in my 80ies.(Even that is doubtful) We want it now. The faster, the better. Best, if I already rich even before I was born.

Surprisingly, that is the common message that I got after reading these books. The rich will tell their son to get rich the 'fast and smart' way, seldom the hardworking way. Hardworking or working hard, either way it is consider the obsolete way now. Brain power will always topple strength power.

You can be rich if you're not working your hand but you're working your brain. On the other hand, you won't be rich if you're not working your brain, even you're work your hand and feet 24hr, 7 days a week. Just take a look at kampung cows, they work from am till pm, are they rich?? :)

ever see cow to be rich?

And I stress again, the rich will teach their son to get rich as fast as now!! Not in one or two years time. Again, brain power. That is why God make human brain to think faster than they act. (But we are training ourselves to act the opposite way)

And that is why I think our education thought us the wrong thing. Ever heard of the rabbit and tortoise race story? I am sure all of us do. And over and over again. First chapter of moral education. I even found the same story in my 8-y.o nephew's books,..again, only with more colourful pictures. (I wonder when will the educationists come out with more stories..) My nephew told me one day.."Lao shi (meaning for teacher in mandarin) taught us, we must be like a tortoise, work hard..slow slow only can be success..!!"

You judge yourself...

I rather be the rabbit... and the story should be.."the rabbit runs to the finishing line, then he slept to wait the tortoise.." The morale of the story: don't be the tortoise!! Isn't it more straight to the point and less confusing?

we are taught to work slowly, and hard way??

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Keeping a Promise

Wondering how often do we make promises? For me.. i make promises everyday. But most promises are often not to other people, but to myself. And of course I broke my promises more than i make them...(dun get too confuse here..)

Well put it this way, I rather call those promises as 'self-target', meaning i target to do something and achieve something.. etc. No matter how big, great, tiny, achievable and non achievable that it may seem, i easily too often to forget about it. One of the 'forgotten promise' is ...just to write a blog.

I started this blog (well register..put a it a bit) about 400plus day ago. For God sake, who didn't have a blog now?? I don't want to be called 'stone age moron' so i try to get myself a blog. And it is free. (Thanks for for making me to believe that there is still free lunch in this world) I personally not addicted to writing my diary and post it online, not to mention that i often skipped my BI class cause..I hate writing.!! But because 'everyone has it...I need to have one' theory, I dragged myself to create one. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm flew away and I left it there to rot until few months ago I made a 'promise' to reactivate back, (after seeing how successful some blogger, with more & more advance and 3D look blog page). I was engulfed in guilt and envy (will talk about how I live my life in envy and jealosy in next coming blog..and see I made a promise again..)

That is a flash back .. and until today, my subconscious mind remind me of promise that I haven't fulfill. So, on today, I pull myself back, and I started to press hard my brain to squeeze some interesting topic out. I wonder how some blogger can write everything under the sun and make it colourful. They can turn a dustbin and describe it like an expensive china vase. Ahyah..don't want to think too much, just write lo... as long as u fulfill your promise. Who gona read it anyway.

Cut the crap short, the morale of the story is; it is easy to make promise like a man, but it is damn hard to keep the promise, especially to yourself. So don't say anything to yourself about i will.. i must... unless it really mean a lot you. If you can't even keep the promise that you make to yourself, don't dream to fulfill promises to others (friends, wife, parents). I remember my dad told me ( dad never so philosopher, it was a phase from a book i read)..A man must do what he says, cause it is only what he gots..

A promise worth more than a thousand dollars..

Wednesday, September 1, 2010