Thursday, November 11, 2010

It is the way you speak, regardless of intention

The first thing that I learned when I embarked my journey in private corporate world is that... it is how you convey your communications that matter.. regardless of whatever motion or intention behind it.

1) In a meeting, always talk out loud like in karaoke room. Yell if you can. The louder you are, the chances that we have to carry more burden afterward will be lots slimmer. Plus loudness correlates with how 'big' responsibilities you shouldering..

2) When delegating works to your subordinates, especially the harder one (those that will cause nightmare) just tell them "I really want you to take up the challenge, prove yourself.."wtf!!)

3)When you forgotten to tell an important news to your staff when you suppose to, just said that you have emailed it!! It is not my fault you did not get it!!

4) Do not ever...ever, no matter what, to believe when a person (or your boss) says.."you can alwiz get back to me when you have problems.." Never!! 99% chances that you will be asked to refer to Mr ABC or Miss DEF, thus making you looks so incapable in the company...:(

5) Go back later than your boss. You will be surprise .. "you are not alone..."

6) Begin every sentence with "I actually think.. instead of we think, and "My concern is.. instead of our concern is.."

7) Whatever your boss says..(even he believes the moon is bigger than the sun) alwiz say.."wow.. true, true...I also think so...)No one on earth likes ppl that oppose ..

Will share with you more and more...

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